SCV Conservative Republicans of California

SCVCRC is an organization of like-minded individuals who believe in limited government, lower taxes, respect for the Constitution and for life.

SCVCRC Meetings

We meet the THIRD Thursday of every month at Republican HQ

SCVCRC’s Mission

• To be a responsible conservative voice for the fiscal and social betterment of California and the Nation at large.
• To sponsor public forums which provide for the expression of conservative political points of view.
• To review the performance of our elected leaders and ensure the adherence to conservative Republican principles.
• To seek out and encourage qualified conservative Republican candidates to run for public office.
• To guide and assist conservative Republican candidates in their campaigns for local, state and national offices.
• To increase conservative Republican voter registration.

SCVCRC Leadership

  • President: Carlo Basail
  • Vice President 1: Tammy Messina
  • Vice President 2: Donna Basail
  • Vice President 3:  Barbara Walker
  • Secretary: Mary Ree
  • Treasurer: Dave Kazmer
  • Events Director: TBD
  • Sgt At Arms: TBD
  • Director At Large: TBD


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